The Grounds

Formerly a farm, Auberge des Chevaliers is set around a courtyard and comprises a farmhouse, a large barn and three lovely gîtes, which used to be the stable block.

Guests are welcome to park in the gated courtyard near their gîte; covered parking can be provided for motorbikes and bicycles.

Beyond the courtyard is about an acre of gardens, which have been planted with shady oak trees, hazel trees, walnut trees, and cherry trees. Wildlife is abundant, but can sometimes be a bit shy! If you're patient, you'll see a whole variety of birds throughout the day and swooping bats at dusk. The occasional rabbit, hare or pheasant might even venture across the grounds if it's really quiet.

Adjacent to the gardens are two terraces, with plenty of garden tables and chairs for guests to use.

There is a covered terrace, where you can sit and relax in the shade - and an alfresco terrace, where you can cook delicious meals on one of the two brick barbecues provided. Traditional wood is available to use as an alternative to charcoal.

While the parents enjoy a glass of wine, children are welcome to go exploring in the garden or to play games on the flat lawns. There is also a set of swings for the younger children.